New Construction Benefits

Benefits of Building Your Own Home

  • Design control: Everything is what you want from the start. You won’t have to spend additional funds redoing the home after you purchase it. 
  • Everything is new: Moving into an existing property can come with hidden costs, as certain aspects of the home could need significant upgrades that might not be entirely obvious during the purchasing phase.
  • Safety: In a newer home, you know everything is new and built to today's building codes.
  • Annual savings: If your furnace and air conditioner are new, you can save a few hundred dollars a year by omitting the service plan normally carried with an older system. Additionally, you can tap into some homeowners insurance savings.
  • Building a community: Building a community with your new neighbors is often overlooked. Since everyone in the neighborhood is relatively new, great bonds can be formed over the years with your new neighbors.
  • Easier entertaining: Entertaining is easier because new homes often have an open floor plan that supports large groups. Additionally, older buildings often have some illogical design elements, like having to walk through a bedroom to reach a communal bathroom,  that newer homes won’t have.
  • A clean slate: You create your home from the start and you don’t have to deal with the decorating styles of the previous owner.
  • Energy Savings: Advances in technology make it possible for home buyers to build increasingly more energy efficient homes.  Ask your builder about the different energy efficiency options and energy tax breaks available.  Your home quote will most likely have to meet established building codes.  Solar, geothermal, higher efficiency furnaces, insulation, windows and doors all play a part in your home's efficiency and may be considered up-grades, but there may be some tax incentives available to help with those higher up-front cost. 

There are many local builders available and after years of experience working on behalf of new construction buyers, I am confident in recommending Buckeye Real Estate Group as a highly respected and reputable builder.   They consistently receive the highest compliments in quality, professionalism and flexibility.

Since 1994 Buckeye Real Estate Group has designed and built quality homes incorporating the specific needs of each individual owner.

Whether you build with your plan or one of his, Mike White and the staff at Buckeye are there to assist you every step of the way. They build every home with quality, craftsmanship and pride. Through the years they’ve been able to identify and retain an extensive network of subcontractors who were selected because they, too, hold themselves to the highest levels of consistent quality and professionalism.  By working with the same subcontractors, Buckeye is able to accurately estimate both schedules and costs, resulting in fewer delays or cost overruns. With few “surprises,” client satisfaction remains high, and Buckeye remains of the most successful builders of both custom homes and commercial properties in Toledo, Sylvania, Perrysburg, Waterville and the surrounding areas.

You can trust their experience to build quality homes on time and within budget, every time.  

View this video to see the many beautiful and flexible options available - Brint Crossing Features Video

View this drone video to get a great perspective of the neighborhood - Brint Crossing Subdivision Video

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